Even though I am essentially a crumpled man, I love playing with irons. Well, by irons I mean my Fridja garment steamer, which has made eradicating wrinkles a surprisingly joyful task. I even offer to do my flatmate’s ironing (to their surprise and delight).

So I was extremely skeptical when Tefal offered to lend me an Express Easy Control Steam Generator. If you haven’t used a steam generator before, it’s like that weedy friend of yours you haven’t seen since high school, who has spent every day of the intervening years doing bicep curls and chinups and has shown up to the 20 year reunion, muscly beyond what their Tux can contain (hello Neil! It was good to see you too). Steam Generators are huge irons with separate water tanks that generate and insane level of power, and can make your shirts smoother than a Lighthouse Family reunion tour.

However, steam generators can be complex beast. The temptation to just go full blast with the steam is overwhelming, even though this can can ruin delicate fabrics. What Tefal have done is throw technology at the problem with Easy Control. Gone are complex knobs and dials, replaced with the ironing equivalent of plug and play. The onboard software senses what fabric it is working with and adjusts accordingly. Curtains, fancy ties, shirts or jeans, you can just pop them on the board and let rip. You can even go through the layers of a shirt, saving time. I’m not trying to say that I found ironing incredibly complicated. But this really does make this easy. And if you accidentally leave it on, it won’t burn down your house and everything you love – a definite plus.

Tefal Steam

I’m a massive fan of steaming my clothes (I have more delicates in my wardrobe than you might think) and the Easy Control allows you to hang you garments and then get hot steam at them to smooth out the creases. I have a couple of stubborn wrinkly shirts that my garment steam can’t seem to handle that the Easy Control flattened with aplomb. I did three weeks worth of shirts in the time it would take me to do 4 on a regular iron and even beat out my trusty garment steamer.

There’s also a clever anti-calc system that keeps all your iron’s insides clean – increasing the longevity on what is an admittedly expensive purchase.

Tefal Smart Technology Steam Pro Express Total Easy Control – GV7550 – £199.99, Currys

Tefal Smart Technology Steam Pro Express Total Auto Control – GV8960 – £279.99, Argos

For more information head to Tefal Ironing