Are you a smoker? Stop. Seriously. It’s been pretty established as a silly thing to do to your body. But … if you’re determined to suck on those things you’ll be interested to know that blu, the best-selling electronic cigarette brand, have launched in the UK.

I went to a blu launch event last night at a trendy nightclub in Shoreditch with beautiful cool people and dubstep DJs, all smoking e-cigarettes. I’ve never felt more awkward. Whilst I don’t smoke, the actual cigarettes look surprisingly cool – probably the result of having lots of Silicon Valley ex-NASA engineers on board.

blu party

The e-cigarette range features two rechargeable kits; the blu Starter Kit and the blu Premium Kit, both available in Classic Tobacco and Menthol. The blu Premium Kit includes a slim, silky smooth rechargeable case and batteries, USB cable and three cartridge refills. The blu Starter Kit features a USB charger, rechargeable batteries and two cartridge refills within a durable carry case.

blu offers a variety of superior quality cartridge refills available in different flavours including Classic Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, Rich Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry, Cinnamon, Vanilla and NRG (which sounds like smoking Red Bull … I’m not a fan).

Products in the blu eCigs® range are priced from £14.99 for a rechargeable kit, £5.99 for cartridge refills, £5.99 for disposable e-cigarettes and £4.99 for charging accessories.

If you want in on the launch party action, there’s another event curated by NTS featuring Dark Sky, Moxie and Trevor Jackson tonight (Friday 9th May) at Kachette in Shoreditch. To apply for tickets to the blu eCigs launch party visit blu. Names will be entered into a ballot and 300 winners will be chosen at random and notified by email. The event will also be livestreamed at NTS.

For more information about e-cigarettes visit blu. Or … check out the free NHS platform for quitting Smoke Free.