I’m of the opinion that the Braven 520 speaker range is one of the best looking speakers on the market. But it’s a little to pretty for the great outdoors, and mine spends most of its life delicately perched on my coffee table, making me look good. If your life is a little bit more burly but you still want the great quality Bluetooth sound, then there’s the Voombox Outdoor.

With a rubberised exterior and a bolt on faceplate, that’s primarily for looks, the Voombox is a 15W Bluetooth speaker that looks like it means business. The design is better than most rugged speakers on the market – it still looks like a tough speaker, but one that you can brush the dust off and bring indoors, not a savage beast that doesn’t belong in the house.

The weatherproof speaker is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and connects wirelessly to Smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth device up to 32 feet. The housing means I was very happy to drop (not throw) it on the floor and I was ok with having it in the bathroom, although not quite down with bringing it into the shower. There are big rubber buttons on top to control playback and a sealed flap for the charging and AUX port. There’s also a hook on the side if you want it to dangle from the side of your tent.

The Voombox Outdoor features 2 *2” drivers, one tweeter and two passive radiators. I was genuinely impressed at how well I was able to fill a large space with sound and even in the outdoor you can power a small picnic or barbecue. You can only expect so much from a tiny speaker, so you won’t get thumping bass in the middle of a forest but you will get a danceable amount of music.

The battery capacity is 3200mA and I used it on and off for days without working about charging. Connectivity was also really reliable – I was happy roaming around my flat and around walls without an unreasonable amount of dropouts.

Unlike higher-end speakers this is more of a bare essentials device and can’t do fancy things like charge your phone or stereo sync with another speaker.

The Voombox Outdoor is available now in black, green, red and blue at £99.99 RRP