Long since the days of white earbuds, headphones have gone from being a simple piece of technology to an intricate fashion statement that are as much about style as they are about sound. Giant on-ear headphones, with bold logos seem to adorn the ears of most of the young people I meet. Sennheiser are seeking the best of both worlds with the Samba update to their already classy Momentum On-Ear headphones. The blue, green and yellow colours will certainly draw a few looks during the upcoming football summer (the World Cup is on right?).

But the sense of style doesn’t stop with the paint job. The suede headband, robust metal sliders and soft earbuds all make them a classy undertaking. The cable comes with an inline remote, but can be easily swapped for a regular cable (included). And the 90 degree angle on the connector makes it easier to use when your phone is in your pocket, preventing wear and tear.

But are you really the sort of person to judge headphones on how they look? Fortunately the Momentum are not just a pretty face and have more going on upstairs than they initially let on.

Popping on a Glitch Mob track you don’t get quite as punched in the face as you would with Fanny Wangs or Beats but it’s certainly hard hitting. Listening to speech-based podcasts the clarity was delightful. There’s lot of playful detail in the treble, although were I being picky (and for £170 I should be) the mids we’re slightly lacking in clarity. But you’re still getting a lot of bang for your buck. They may be stylish, but this certainly doesn’t stop them from from being pretty serious contenders in the sound department.

The Samba MOMENTUM On-Ear will be available exclusively from John Lewis from the middle of May and will be priced at £169.95.

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