Booq make some of my favourite messenger and camera bags. I’ve seen a lot of bags in my time but I recommend booq pretty much every time. So I was delighted to hear they’d released an iPad case, and what’s more an iPad case with a notepad attached. I love notebooks, iPads and booq bags. What could go wrong?

The booqpad is a very solidly constructed unit – what Jimmy Pardo would call “a nice piece of business”. The idea from the designers was to create mini-briefcase, to run from meeting to meeting, still able to jot down old fashioned notes. The shell case is attached to the main unit magnetically, so you can pull it out and just use your iPad as per usual or carry around a whole note section. You can clip a pen on the side but there’s no dedicated pen holder which seems like an oversight. If you have just the shell you can’t attach a smart cover (another oversight?) so it’s hard to go on an extended wander with just the shell. Although that’s what the rest of the case is for.

The notepad is a fairly standard tear off variety and easily replaceable with a non-booq pad when you run out. I tried a couple of presenations with rough ideas sketched out on the pads, or any questions and follow-up actions laid out on the pad and I suddenly “got it”. The design isn’t quite in line with the “artsy creative” life I pretend I have, but when you are using it like a mini-briefcase it really shines.

The booqpad air – not as pretty as a regular booq product, but every bit as functional.

The booqpad for iPad Air is available today for £49.80 at booq