What do you get for the tech reporter that has everything? An STM Trust bag, so he or she can carry it.

The Trust STM is a simple looking messenger bag for a 13 or 15 inch laptop, with an understated exterior that fails to show just how extensive its capacity really is. Unlike, trendier, more streamlined bags, the STM Trust excels to the point where you’re in danger of loading it with all your handheld worldly goods (just in case).

Nothing about the STM Trust strikes me as fancy or flash. It’s an eminently practical bag “for people who wish to carry things in order to do stuff”. Every side of the bag seems to reveal yet another flap, pocket, strap or fold and if you are the sort of person who likes to have an array of knick-knacks, it’s nothing short of delightful.

On the back are two rugged handles, in case you want to go hand-held. There’s also an A4 document flap and a special pocket for mobiles or PMPs. A little Velcro to hold this in place wouldn’t have gone amiss but there’s none on the whole bag so it’s hardly a surprise. Behind the flap is the main laptop compartment. Mine could comfortably house a 15 inch laptop and was padded enough to take a simple knock, bump or drop. It’s not “rugged” so I wouldn’t be hurling your bag across the room anytime soon. But for day to day commuting, it more than did the job.

One each side are to bottle pockets – that can easily fit soda cans or beer bottles. You’d struggle to get a full on water bottle in there, but both sides have adjustable straps which makes it easy to keep things secure.

Over on the front there’s a zipped pocket with a soft lined interior, and two tiny holsters, where you could conceivably stash loose change or USB keys. Flipping up reveals another zipped pocket (just because), on the front of a zipped section that has a zipped mesh on the front and a number of elastic holders for pens, calculators and more. And a general area where you could easily store a small notebook.

That’s already more than enough. But we haven’t even reached the main compartment yet. There’s another loose document page, a padded tablet compartment, space for a field notebook or another phone and then a large storage area (although how much stuff do you really have?). The base of the bag is reinforced so it can sort stand unsupported. They’ve pretty much thought of everything.

My only grumble is that it’s not fully waterproof. I was happy carry it around in light drizzle, but the moment real rain set in, genuine panic enveloped me. Otherwise, a near perfect bag.

For more information and details on pricing head to STM