There’s a cottage industry built up around how truly terrible the iPhone battery is. Mine is almost constantly tethered to the side of my laptop at work and I have an array of battery packs and spare cables on the off chance I want to be so bold as to use my phone for a whole day. Feeding that very legitimate paranoia (if it’s legitimate is it paranoia?) are two products with very similar implementations of the same smart idea – a key shaped connector for your iPhone. Chargekey is made from a high grade flexible plastic and can bend to fit the angle of your laptop or battery pack, which is good if you have slightly fiddly connections. However everything is exposed on the Chargekey, creating the worry that if your keys just dangle as mine do, it will break one day. Also available as a micro USB cable.



Kii by Bluelounge is much more of a serious affair. Extremely robust and built from one of the tougher metals, Kii is a rigid bar that looks better than the Chargekey but is literally less flexible. I found I had to be completely level (Chargekey you could arguably bend) to get the device to work. Although for the most common use of into the side of a laptop it’s near perfect. The key isn’t just more stylish than the Chargekey, it’s more protective, housing the Lightning connecter with a secure release mechanism. However it’s also a swell £10 extra. Chargekey £19.99 from The Fowndry Kii is £30 from Bluelounge