Sennheiser’s engineers took up a challenge to create the world’s best headphones – with no regard for cost – and produced the Orpheus HE90 in 1991. Only 300 pairs were made. Each accompanied by an amp bearing a close resemblance to an amphitheatre. If you ever get a chance to put these on your ears, take it!

Club Orpheus is a range of premium headphones inspired by this quest for perfection. The sound quality is so high, you need to see a professional before you can be trusted to walk out of the shop with a pair. For music lovers like me, unaccustomed to the delights of these high end devices, the distortion at louder volumes is usually a hint that you need to turn down the music to keep enjoying it. The thing about in Club Orpheus headphones is that loud volumes do not euqal distortion. So to ensure that you don’t destroy your ears, a select group of 47 Club Orpheus dealers in the UK are authorised to provide the EU-mandated guidance you need ensure you don’t destroy your hearing. Thus allowing you to enjoy your significant audio investment for years to come.

Any accredited Club Orpheus dealer will have experts on hand to advise and guide you towards the best set for you. At £1000 (or £999.99 if it matters at this point), the HD 800’s are the high end of this high end range. In Sennheiser’s marketing speak “you will form an altogether new height of sonic perspective as you experience a high-fidelity natural hearing experience”. If it’s a wireless pair you’re after, the RS 220 is a snip at around £400, so why not get everyone in the family their very own open circumaural digital velour-padded pair?

For a more budget friendly, advice free option, check out the head geek’s review of the colourful Sennheiser Momentum headphones – Samba edition.