I’m a sweaty fellow (Hello Ladies/Gentlemen) and a cyclist so am no stranger to arriving a destinations dripping wet to the point where people ask “oh … is it raining?” Smartweave have been working for 8 years to work on a shirt that could save me from embarrassment. Thanks guys.

Smartweave shirts are made from a cotton, so look and feel like regular shirts. Cotton is super soft and comfortable but dries super slow and seems to love sweat, so it’s not the best thing to be seen in when summer rolls around.

Smartweave however, promise to keep you dry, and placing all my faith in them, I rode across downtown Manhattan on a hot and humid summer day to give a presentation. My face was literally dripping with sweat and I’ve never felt more unattractive. My shirt however, was miraculously free from damp patches. I really should stress, I sweat a lot, and fully expected to be soaked so for this alone the Smartweave is my new favourite biking shirt. I also tested Smartweave out in slightly less extreme conditions and was equally impressed. If you cycle across town – or even have to be crammed in on the Central Line, it’s a great piece of clothing.

Sadly, Smartweave lacks the fancy features of other biking shirts – from the likes of howies and Rapha – hidden compartments, reflective stripes, offset shoulders, pockets around the back and more. However, I’d happily trade all this for looking bone dry.

In terms of style the Smartweave is just a regular looking shirt that fits relatively well (available in a regular, and slim fit styles in an arrange of modest patterns). It won’t turn heads but you will at the very least look like a well-to-do office drone.

The Smartweave is only £65, which is what a decent regular shirt will set you back anyway, and is available now from Smartweave.