Singing can (and in my opinion should) be a joyful activity, but not all of us are blessed with the best vocals. Speaking as a man with rusty pipes, I was delighted to get a chance to play with Singtrix, a super charged Karoke system from the creators of Guitar Hero that gives your voice a helping hand Halls Soothers could only ever dream of.

Not for the casual karaoke fan, the Singtrix is a pretty full on experience and from the moment the massive box arrives on your doorstep it’s clear that this thing means business. Indeed, not just an app or a fancy microphone, Singtrix is a complete package, with microphones, speakers, mic stands with a full on vocal processing at its heart.

The vocal processing unit that powers the whole thing has some pretty sophisticated digital signal processing technology. Rather than just adding reverb and robots (although both these things are great), Singtrix can autotune your voice to smooth over your less than perfect pitch. You can dial this up or down, depending on how good you actually are a singing. If you’re average it will help your voice pop a little more. If you actually have a pretty heft pair of lungs it can really enhance your sound.

There’s also a HIT effect button on the mic that gives you 4 part harmony and is great if you want to beef up your chorus sections (or lack talented friends). The Singtrix is both easy to use and fun, and it’s great to be able to belt out a classic (or even your own songs) with confidence knowing that the machine has got your back.

One of the best things about Singtrix is that it is platform agnostic. If it has a headphone jack, it can use Singtrix, and there’s a little cradle where you can rest a smartphone, personal media player or tablet. Lyrics are up to you, and you can find a fair few on YouTube – although there is also a Karaoke app for iOS and Android, with scrolling lyrics and a library of songs. The vocal processing unit filters out lead vocals reasonably well using the Song Voice option, so you can pelt over the top of regular songs. This isn’t magic, however so instrumental versions are still your best bet.

There’s also a little 2.1 40 w speaker cabinet (it really is the complete package) that is loud enough to power a medium sized party. This really seems like the Singtrix’s target – it’s amazing but way too much for a household, unless you take your karaoke parties very, very seriously. However, if you have a small bar or venue it’s pretty much perfect. If you had the opportunity to hook it up to your laptop via USB (like the similar TC Helicon unit) and use it as a productive studio device then I’d be in love.

The Signtrix is out now for £299 from Singtrix

The Singtrix® karaoke machine is powered by the most advanced vocal effects technology available. Packed into a simple plug & play design, just play a song, turn the effects dial, and start singing. Features more than 300 amazing effects covering every genre & generation of music. Select a skill level, create instant karaoke tracks from standard songs and kick in live harmonies and other dramatic effects.