I’m a mucky pup, so my touchscreen devices (and my glasses) are often smudged with whatever has recently been on my hands, or in my pockets. This is a less than ideal state of affairs, so it’s been great carrying around the Cyber Clean Stylus these past few days. The carbon-tipped stylus pen side of things is redundant (for me at least) as I prefer my finger, but one whole side of the stylus is a dedicated screen wipe that you can track across the surface like a chalkboard duster. Even better, the tip of the stylus contains an antiseptic cleaning solution that works with the absorbing fibre pad to really give your screen a shine.

The kit comes with a little clip that you can attach to the side of a tablet (providing your tablet has a cover) and three backup vials of antiseptic cleaning solution. If a mucky screen bugs you, this is definitely worth a peep. I would say that if you’re not going to be using the stylus, it can feel a little bit like overkill. However, the device is small enough to easily pop into a bag and cheap enough that if you want to go for overkill you can.

Out now from Cyber Clean

RRP: £10.95