The Acoustiphase MC-1 Mini Cannon Bluetooth Speaker is a great looking, ok sounding portable speaker out now with an SRP of £80. For a sub-£100 speaker the sound is decent and it certainly looks amazing on a coffee table or by your picnic but if you craze thunderous bass notes this is not quite the speaker of choice.

The tiny 380 gram speaker is covered in an anodised aluminium cabinet and feels like you could throw it around a bit without getting too concerned. Available in four shiny colours – silver, blue, pink and black – the £80 speaker looks amazing on a coffee table or casually placed next to your laptop.

The MC-1 Mini Cannon packs a 10 hour Li-ion polymer rechargeable battery and features Bluetooth connectivity up to 10 meters away so it’s perfect if you’re trying to live an untethered existence. There’s also a built in microphone, so you can double up on the device as a speakerphone – there’s an answer button on top of the device. Sadly there are no controls on the speaker so you’ll have to have your playback device to hand if you want to alter the volume or skip track. And there’s a 3.5 mm aux input at the rear if you’d rather a wired existence.

With two full-range 4.5 cm speaker drivers and two passive bass radiators I was expecting a little more from the MC-1 sound.
Music distorts at high levels and veers towards the tinny end of the spectrum when bass heavy songs are played. It’s not terrible – and for certain classical and tracks it sounds amazing. If you live in shared accommodation, and have a degree of personal space and peace and quiet, the MC 1 is more than fine. It’s just with a name like Mini Cannon I was hoping to be slightly more blown away.

The AcoustiPhase MC-1 Mini Cannon is available now with the UK SRP of £79.00.