[noskim] The Supertooth Disco4 is a fun speaker with pricing so aggressive that its flaws are completely forgiven.

The 8 watt speaker is a departure from the giant walkie talkie style of previous Supertooth speakers and instead is shaped like a tiny megaphone. At only £50 it’s at the cheaper end of Bluetooth speakers and, whilst not quite and deep sounding as previous Superteeth the sound is far from sub par. The bass was surprisingly punchy, and the intricate lead guitar lines from the latest Animals As Leaders album weren’t muddied in the mix.

There’s a single button on the back that handles pairing, power and playback as well as options for micro-USB charging and aux input. Connectivity is Bluetooth 4.0, which is great for a speaker in this price range and you can also use NFC to instantly pair with pretty much anything that isn’t an iPhone.

The attached strap is a winner in terms of cuteness but not massively useful – even though it’s pretty light, it would be awkward to walk the streets with. However, super useful is the “up to’ 12 hours playback, making it an great portable speaker for medium sized parties (it doesn’t quite have the horsepower for larger gatherings).

The Supertooth Disco 4 speaker is out now £49.99