I have lost *so many* in-ear headphones to cable damage, that its starting to get suspicious. No sooner do I find a pair of in-ears that I love, then tell tale signs of static start to appear and then sound will drop on in one or both ears. Sometimes you can keep things on the cusp with a little bit of jiggling or tape, but this is only ever a temporary fix. There has to be a better way.

Jabra believes the answer is their wonderful new Rox wireless earbuds. Harnessing the power of Bluetooth and NFC, the earbuds are pretty robust and have been designed to withstand a fair few knocks and bumps.

The actually earbuds are a little heavier than regular earbud so a snug fit goes from being a “nice to have” to an absolute essential. I wore them on bike runs and runs and it was a pain having the weight drag them out of your ears and constantly needing to fiddle. Having said that – it’s a simple problem to fix as the ROX come supplied with all sorts of ear buds and earwings to lock into place.

Sound is optimised for maximum bass response. If you’re an audio purist you’ll hate the sound from these. If you’re a fun loving party person you’ll love the added thump it gives your tunes. If you’re in-between you’ll think these are good pair of headphones.

Pairing is instant and excellent. There’s NFC if you play that way, and a Bluetooth connection that is instantly on and incredibly reliable. The in-line controls work overtime, activating power, playback, Siri, and more. My favourite feature was the power-saving magnets on the back of the device – you can clip the two ends together like a necklace which puts the ROX into standby. Its also a great way to avoid clutter as it keeps your cables nearly together. They’re IP52 certified, which protects against dust and water and they feel like they could take a beating.

The battery gives about 5.5 hours of playback time and if you’re strict about standby modes and powering down you can get a day’s use easily. They’re less than ideal for longer journeys and I did get into the danger zone towards the end of the day more than once.

The Rox Wireless earbuds are available for £99.99 in the Apple UK online store.