Learning Klingon is clearly for nerds  – all the cool kids have picked up their textbooks and headed to Westeros to learn Dothraki. HBO have released a 120-page course book for the language from their hit show Game of Thrones that features a step-by-step guide to pronunciation, basic phrases, easy-to-follow grammar explanation and examples, extensive thematic vocabulary lists, dialogue, and exercises for reinforcement. But it’s not enough to merely read Dothraki, one must speak it as well, so the book comes with an hour CD pack with essential Dothraki phrases (I’m assuming “let us do battle”, “I have done battle” and “Khalessi … this scene is taking forever … can we get to the dragons”).

For example, since horses are so central to Dothraki culture, many phrases have their roots in equestrianism. Whatever you do, never call a Dothraki warrior an ifak (walker): the ultimate insult since it implies he can no longer ride his horse.

If you’ve ever wanted to smugly watch Game of Thrones with the subtitles off then this is clearly the tome for you. It’s not all made  up. Well it is. But it’s made up well, complied by acclaimed language and culture consultant David J. Peterson. There’s even material and words exclusive to the course.

If your geek cred is in need of the ultimate top-up then the Living Language Dothraki Guide is available at £16.99 from the HBO Shop – www.hboshopeu.com from 7 October – pre-order yours now!

Just never make fun of me for speaking Latin again.