The Vax Air Cordless is so simple to use and well designed that it was a good few days into using it that I remembered just how wonderful Air’s unique selling point was.

The Vax Air Cordless is a battery powered vacuum cleaner. Supplied with two giant rechargeable lithium batteries, the Air gives you all the power you need to do a 2 bedroom house (which Vax puts at about 50 mins) without having to worry about tangled cords or reach. Each battery gives just under 30 minutes of cleaning time so you should have enough to last you a round of chores (unless you live in a mansion, in which case buying more batteries shouldn’t be an issue).

Fancy features aside, a vacuum cleaner lives and dies on how
well it gets dirt off the floor and the Air does a demonstrably great job. The workings of the built-in WindTunnel3 technology but you could see crumbs fly in as you moved over them – and importantly – near them, which made it a pretty efficient cleaning machine. Like all cool vacuum cleaners these days it uses cylonic suction, so you can see all the dirt it’s sucking out of your carpet – and it’s wonderful having this level of power on a device that’s so lightweight and portable. The dust capacity of 1.05 litres is also pretty generous.

The Air is pretty easy to disassemble. If you get piece of string or some such caught up it’s easy to detach the brush and remove the offending item. The dust bin pops off and can be emptied with the simple press of a button. And the filter can be rinsed clean and left to dry. There’s also a built-in wand in the handle of the Air, which is pretty cool if you want to use any of the cleaning attachments, although assembling it is a little cumbersome.

For £300 the Vax Air Cordless isn’t cheap, but as it’s also probably the best vacuum cleaner I’ve ever used, it’s easily worth the money.

Out now, from Vax