I’ve been carting around the Creative Muvo Mini for a couple of weeks now and we’ve become fast friends. The water and dust resistant ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker, is rugged enough to be carelessly thrown into a bag, but without the overly macho stylings of the typical entrants into this product category.

The Muvo Mini is designed like a slender brick, with a fun yet subtle 3D cube design on the front, and some input ports at the back, carefully sealed with a rubber flap. The rubberised body means that you can drop and knock this thing pretty aggressively without damaging it. It’s also water and dust resistant, so whilst I wouldn’t submerge it in a bath, it can definitely take many a splashing.

Battery life is a pretty impressive 10 hours, and I found myself casually using it around the house for days without having to recharge. I also found myself casually using it around the house because it’s great.The two full-range micro drivers are working their little socks off, making the Muvo Mini significantly louder than you’d imagine. The speakers are front loaded so it does help when you’re facing in it’s general direction. There’s also an oversized front bass radiator that you can feel wobbling away, adding oomph to your comings and goings. Nothing sounds muddied and whilst the sound doesn’t quite manage “sparkling”, I was generally very pleased with the results.

For the price (£50ish depending on where you look), you’re getting a very decent sounding speaker, that can take a battering and go with you anywhere. A perfect backpack speaker.

The Muvo Mini is out now for about £50 in Black, White, Blue and Red from Creative