Gosh is it that time of year already? Eager faces are lined up outside the flagship Apple Store in central London, literally clamouring over themselves to get their hands on the new iPhone 6 range. It’s a baffling spectacle at the best of times – if you ordered online your device should be with you this afternoon, so there’s really no need.

In another sense, iPhone launches lack the excitement of my youth. When it was first released the iPhone was a magical rare spectacle. Now the device has reach near ubiquity it’s not the special thing it once was. Queuing overnight for a brand new category makes sense (and only barely). Waiting in line for an upgrade of a thing I already have is a lot harder to wrap one’s head around. I will of course, see you in the the line for the Apple watch.  

iPhone 6 cases

However, it wasn’t a total waste of a morning Griffin bought me a vegetarian breakfast and showed off their updates to the their iPhone case range. This was useful – especially as this new batch of iPhones are the first that look like a case won’t monumentally detract from their aesthetic.

The Identity protects your iPhone 6 from bumps but adds playful design. They also make all-clear models where you can retain some of that Ive design, whilst concealing the bulge from the camera nub. The beefy Survivor range is still intact (and as it’s military grade tough, that comes as no surprise). There are Wallet style ID and card-carrying cases that make a great combo with Apple Pay. And there’s the Reveal – a sleek onesie for your iPhone.

Check them all out at Griffin