The folks at booq aren’t bag makers. They’re bag artists. Each new pack that comes in has a different, elegant solution of how to carry your belongings from point to point.

Straight out of the box I can see that the Boa flow is one of the larger booq bags I’ve had the pleasure of playing with. It’s not much lager in actual size terms, and due to a funky camera compartment, capacity isn’t a wild as you might think, but it still registers to the eyes a big (albeit not massive) bag.

Why so big? Well although its not mentioned in any of the official marketing material for the bag, the Boa Flow does seem designed to carry all your portable, precious things. There’s a really great super padded compartment for 15″ laptops, that has a water resistant seal on the zip. There’s a clip on the main compartment of the bag designed for holding over-sized headphones. At the base of the back is a special compartment for a DSLR camera. And there are all the regular pockets for notebooks, magazines, tablets, power cords, battery packs, juice bottles, keys, fobs and more. There’s even a tiny waist compartment that you can slot a mobile phone into.

The Boa Flow feels every so slightly bulky – but you are carrying so much stuff. And even though it is a little bulky, it’s maybe the most comfortable backpack I’ve used. Everything is just so padded.

My DSLR feels a little bit exposed. Although there’s a special bit of padding to stop things in your bag from crushing your camera, there’s nothing to stop pressure on the front of your bag – a squeeze in a crowded tube for example. It would be nice if this whole section was foam padded, so it could gentle cradle you camera, but I’m not sure how practical this would be. And as it’s not a camera bag per se, there’s nowhere to stash lenses or general camera things like extra batteries.

booq Boa flow front

However for me personally, it’s not quite an everyday bag – I’ve streamlined my possessions to the point where I don’t need to be carrying quite that much on me every single day. However it’s maybe the perfect travel bag – if you’re often heading to conferences, have long train journeys or short-haul flights, then it’s all kinds of great.

Yours for only £200 from Booq