Order went through at 12:33. At 12:40 I was heading back into the office with my lunch. From start to finish, the whole process from opening the app to meeting the driver (including deciding what to eat, registering and paying) took exactly 15 minutes. Which is more time than the five minute walk to the Leon on the corner would’ve taken, but by the time you’ve decided what to eat, paid for it and waited for it, you could have already been tucking into your EatFirst lunch.

The decision making process is super quick because there are only two options: veg or non-veg. I chose a naked burrito with pulled pork and pearl barley for £7. That’s about twice as much as your average supermarket meal deal. It’s hot though. And very satisfying and filling. The menu choices change every day and options have included: Hoisin Chicken with Mixed Veggies and Brown Rice or Broccolu Frittatas with Rainbow Quinoa; San Antonia Chili Con Carne with Brown Rice or Goat Cheese Ratatouille with Whole Grain Bloomer and Indian Spiced Salmon with Pearl Barley or Almond & Lentil Curry with Whole Grain Naan.

If your average lunch budget is more Vital/pod than Sainsbury’s/Tesco meal deal or if you’re just in the mood for something warm and healty, EatFirst is a good option for when you can’t or don’t want to get away from the office for more than a few minutes. EatFirst has just launched in Canary Wharf, but otherwise you have to be within the City limits. There are plans to offer breakfast and dinner options soon too.