Tangled and lost headphones are soon to be a thing of the past with the Mous’s new iPhone case and debut product Musicase – the world’s first mobile phone accessory that retracts, holds and unrolls your Apple headphones!

Made in Britain, Musicase is an aspirational phone accessory that complements the iPhone’s minimalist style and bold branding without compromising on the seamless ergonomic engineering, adding just 6.5mm of thickness to your device.

Musicase will be made compatible with the iPhone 5 and the newly launched iPhone 6. But not the 6 Plus just yet! Not does it work with non-Apple headphones. Early days etc

It will be available to buy on Kickstarter from the end of October 2014 for one month at a cost of £11, as a special offer for early supporters. From November onwards, Musicase will be listed with a number of online retailers at £19.99 (RRP).

Musicase is brought to you by Mous, a start-up venture led by James Griffith and Josh Shires, two young designers who have been in their fair share of tangles.

Check out Musicase on Kickstarter tonight from 5:30 pm!