Sometimes I wish I could just say “Buy these. I really like them”. But I’m verbose at heart. The Polk Audio Nue Voe are a really great pair of mid-priced in-ear headphones that do a couple of design things that I like and then a whole host of function things that I love.

The simplest touch is the 90-degree connector, which is gold-plated, and precision-machined to seat deeper into the source connection. I’ve watched so many great headphones die as they get pushed and pulled beyond breaking point in my pocket – something about the cut of my jeans and the way I cycle that dooms almost all headphones to a lopsided audio grave. Not the Nue Voe, which proved to be far sturdier than I was expecting.

The other thing I like about them is the fly wing tips. The weird angle that they shoot off in means you can really snugly nestle these into your ears, without them becoming dislodged. I did a really solid handstand without missing a word of the Serial podcast ( … I really don’t want to believe Anand could be guilty).

But the main reason why I became such a fan was how good they sound. These aren’t top of the range headphones, but they are a really solid pair of sub-£100 headphones. If you’re trading up from the default pair of iPhone headphones (and lord knows you should be), the different is stunning. But that’s a low bar to clear. They’re not the ideal headphones if you bass is only set to “ridiculous”, but if you want a versatile pair that can be crisp, punchying with a reasonable amount of thud, then I’m a big fan. Polk do good sound and these are Polk. You do the math.

Out now from Polk