The Voombox Travel is a wonderful pocket-sized puck of a speaker that, with proper placement, is a great way to amplify speech, acoustic singer-songwriter type music and most things at a moderate level. Just don’t expect earth-shattering bass at such a low price.

Straight away the Voombox Travel looks a feels different. The metal frame and tight construction make it feel much more solid than similar travel speakers, and the carabiner at the top evoked something you would dangle from a utility belt. If Batman had a bluetooth speaker, it would look like this.

The battery gives you about 6 hours of playback at moderate volume – exactly what you would expect from a speaker in this category. Everything else on the spec list is also part of the new normal – speakerphone, Bluetooth 4.0, and the ability to use a 3.5 mm input (although this is via a micro-USB cable so you need to be careful not to lose it). The unit is also water resistant and shockproof – I was perfectly happy to hang it up in the shower for example and didn’t have to worry to much about splashes or drops.

The speaker has two drivers on either side, and I found it to sound best when dangling from the carabiner and sound filling the room. Otherwise point the bottom speaker to a hard surface and you should do ok. Sound quality is decent for the price and form factor – it’s not an everyday living room speaker, but perfect for carrying to a quiet spot in park, or even moving around the house whilst doing chores.

Out now from Divoom.