We tested the Tefal Cook4Me at Chez TwinGeeks and were very sad to see it go. It may not be the most useful kitchen gadget ever, but it comes in very handy if you want to eat healthy meals without having to think too much about it. Especially after a long day at work and occasionally even the gym.

The Cook4Me is a bit like your friendly kitchen robot. It come pre-programmed with several recipe options and pretty much holds your hand through the process of putting the meal together. You don’t need a cookbook. Everything is outlined step-by-step on the gadget itself. Sadly, you can’t escape the more tedious tasks like chopping onions and browning meat. However the Cook4Me will ping when time is up on tasks like browning meat or frying onions and most of the time all that’s left to do is add the remaining ingredients, close it up and wait for the ping that tells you it’s dinner time.

Recipes include dal, beef and ale casserole. The recipe display is not particularly hi-tech and it is also wise to prepare all the ingrediens before moving on to the preparation stage as it’s difficult to go back to the ingredients list once the cooking process is underway. There’s also a heavy dependence on shop bought sauces and pastes and some of the recipes prepared with these would in most cases be just as simple to prepare on the stovetop as with the Cook4Me. However, it would still take less time to prepare say a Thai green curry or chicken tikka masala with the Cook4Me than it would to order a take-away. Plus it would be substantially better for your health and you’d know exactly what was in it.