I’ve never felt so digitally pampered.

Because my life is ridiculous, a day before my stupid o’clock flight to the Ireland Improv Festival (just after flying back from Improv Festivals in Spain and Estonia), Addison Lee emailed too offer me a free minicab ride in order to try out their updated app. It was the perfect bit of synchronicity, to rival the cutest of Meet Cutes. It’s currently 6 am and I’m being hurtled towards the South Terminal, in what feels like a luxury dream.

It’s not that Addison Lee deploy limousines staffed by buff butlers (which is how I imagine the rich live), but that the service seems to be considerate and thoughtful at so many steps in my journey.

Ordering from the all new app features a clean user interface powered by Addison Lee’s SmartEngine. You can manage bookings across multiple accounts and it easily found London addresses – even my hard to find new London residence. You can pay with your card details, or even with Paypal, so things are pretty convenient and you can flip between business and personal accounts. If you take a lot of frequent journeys the app can store these so you can zip from office to home with minimal fuss.

Much like Uber the app has live mapping of Addison Lee’s 4,800 fleet with approximate waiting times on demand. Each journey outlines the pick up time, journey details and cost. There’s a concentration around Central London, but even as you go out East there are a decent number of cars waiting for you.

The comfort continues. I get a text letting me know my driver has been dispatched, what sort of car they’re in (down to the license plate), and what their number is. 20 minutes later (and 5 mins early) there’s a text to say he’s outside, followed by a call a minute before our scheduled departure. My driver isn’t quite a buff butler, but is very well turned out, polite and friendly. It’s a slightly more expensive service than a regular cab – but it’s really obvious where all the money has gone.

The new Addison Lee app is out now for IOS.