It’s so tempting to say “these are/aren’t the headphones you are looking for” and just move on. But I can do better than that.

The SMS On Ear headphones are a fun set, aimed more at people who enjoy music than audiophile snobs who get excited about audio files (and I count myself in with the latter).
The sound isn’t bass-diculous but isn’t as super detailed as I’ve slowly become accustomed to (a mix of Tidal and Oppo PM-1s can really spoil a fellow). It’s somewhere in between the perfect crystal clear flatness you’d want for monitoring and the bass heavy “lets put Chopper on a loop and watch our ears bleed” that I wanted when I was 19.

The passive noise-isolation is decent, but not overwhelming. You’d want an active pair to really cut the outside world off. Still, they do a decent job of creating a little bubble of sound for you to play in. Oddly the inverse is not the case, and if you pump up the jam a little too much it will bleed out into the world. Fine if you’re on a noisy street, but on a train carriage, you run the risk of becoming “that guy.”

The headphone cable has a simply play/pause control and mic attached. The cable is detachable, which is a cause for much love from my end (the bottom drawer of my desk is like a mass grave for faulty headphones). The on ear pads are incredibly comfortable and there’s a tiny bit of padding at the top of the band so you can get a snug fit. The headphones break down into a portable form really easily, and with the accompanying carrying case, should keep the headphones safe and by your side for a long time.

Of course there’s the Star Wars side of things. I like Star Wars, but I don’t love it like I feel I’m supposed to. The Stormtrooper logo on the side is pretty cool, and the presentation case, certificate of authenticity and wonderful box all make it clear that it’s a great gift for the Force fanatic in your life.

£200 is a lot for a pair of headphones, but the Star Wars gubbins only adds £20 to the price, which considering how much additional Lucas-related merchandise they chuck in, is practically a bargain. If you’re looking to please a Star Wars fanatic who is more into the Rebel Alliance than they are into *.Flac files this has all the makings of a great gift.

Out now from SMS

·Star Wars™ Limited Edition Stormtrooper™ Street by 50™ On-Ear Wired Headphone – Echoing the Stormtroopers’ high-gloss white apparel, each pair sports the iconic Stormtrooper helmet on its ear-piece emblem. The black, plush leather ear cushions and padded headband have white stitching and provide stylish comfort.

·Star Wars™ Limited Edition Rebel Alliance™ Street by 50™ On-Ear Wired Headphone – Join Luke Skywalker in the fight to restore the ‘Old Republic’ with these orange and metal-grey headphones. Similar to Skywalker’s memorable orange flight suit and marked with the Rebel Alliance’s “Starbird” symbol, the Rebel Alliance-branded headsets feature a grey headband, orange ear caps and white leather ear cushions.

·Star Wars™ Limited Edition Boba Fett™ Street by 50™ On-Ear Wired Headphone – Emulating Fett’s subdued colour palette found in his armour, the Boba Fett headphones are a deep forest green complete with rust-red ear caps and ivory leather ear cushions. Each pair sports the bounty hunter’s chest symbol and Mandalorian insignia.

·Star Wars™ Limited Edition Imperial™ Street by 50™ On-Ear Wired Headphone– Made in Imperial black to match its villain, Darth Vader™, the Imperial SMS Audio headphones have a high-shine finish with black leather cushions and red stitching. Also in black, the ear caps show off the emblem of the Galactic Empire in red.