Pioneer’s HDJ-C70 demand you take them seriously. The professional DJ headphones are far more versatile and tough than their plastic construction might initially let on, and are flexible DJ tool that I couldn’t get enough of.

I love that pretty much everything on the HDJ-C70 can be replaced – the cable, the cups, the headband etc. It’s similar to SOL headphones – only targeted at a much more dedicated clientele. Each arm has a hinge that can swing 90 degrees in either direction, so however you choose to do your one-ear monitoring, you can mould them to fit. There’s a super long cable so you can flit from deck to deck unencumbered, although it makes them almost useless for casual listening (which is not a negative point). A small negative is that they’re not the easiest headphones to carry around as they’re not fully collapsible, but this is a minor quibble.

The on-ear 40 mm drivers are excellent across all frequencies. I was constantly hot swapping between these and a more expensive pair of consumer headphones and the difference in clarity was striking. One was fun to rock out to, but the HDJ-C70 felt like a serious tool for picking out musical strains, tweaking EQs and playing with live loops. According to Pioneer, copper-clad aluminium wire voice coils and a 2,000 mW input capacity eliminate distortion, even with the volume cranked up.

To wear the HDJ-C70s are super light and comfortable. You can easily spin for hours without really feeling the weight and the cups have memory foam so there’s no really pressure on your ears. The lightweight, flexible polyamide resin headband feels pretty resistant to snapping in half but is still comfortable.

The HDJ-C70 monitoring headphones are out now from £159 at Pioneer