When you have a phone as large as the iPhone 6 Plus (which feels like my iPhone ate my old iPhone, took a nap and then took a bath in carbs), it can feel counterintuitive to make it even bigger with a case. But Griffin asked me to do just that with two of its new iPhone 6 Plus cases, the Reveal and the Identity. And QDOS also drew my eye with the Saffiano.

They do have a point. Being the resident tech person in my social circle I’ve fixed far more than my fair share of broken iPhone screens (front and back), so regardless of how tough Apple say their screens are I’m a strong proponent of wrapping it up.

The Reveal.

The Reveal keeps most of your phone and it’s quite lovely design on display. It has the added bonus of smoothing out the little camera nub at the back. The Reveal is also very discrete to the point where mostly people didn’t realise I was using a case. One downside was the propensity to trap grit under the case, which means you’ll need to pop it off for a cleaning on a fairly regular basis. However it’s pretty inexpensive.

Griffin Reveal

Identity actual

The Identity

The Identity has a lot more going on. It’s bulkier than the Reveal but packs a lot more protection with patent-pending gTex hybrid fabric at the back. There’s a screen guard, back and sides so there’s a tonne of insulation – with 4″ drop protection with a mix of shock-absorbing rubber with hard polycarbonate. It also has a lot more going on visually, with fun pattern at the back and interchangeable frames and backs let you mix and match looks with any Identity case. Although the design was fun it tended to get a little bit grubby.

Griffin Identity

QDOS Saffiano

QDOS Saffiano

QDOS also have a horse in this race and their Saffiano is a swanky leather case that’s all business. The Saffiano is a gracefully understated case that is helpful – you’ll already be tired of all the “it’s massive” remarks that come with the 6 Plus. The actual case potion is just a standard plastic shell that feels fine for basic drops and bumps but nothing particularly rugged. The case is mounted onto a leather cover that gives your phone a Moleskine notebook feel and adds to the classy tone. It also acts as a handy screen guard for your phone, although it isn’t secured in any way and can flap open quite easily. On the inside of the cover is a little section for cards. It’s a looser pocket than I would like and I wouldn’t feel completely comfortable putting bank cards and the like inside. It’s perfect for a couple of business cards however and once Apple Pay hits the UK it could make for a viable “all inclusive” case.
QDOS Saffiano out now for £25