Despite having the worst company name I’ve come across in a while, the Groov-e Soundcurve alarm clock is a surprisingly compelling product. Almost like like a Swiss-Army Knife of Sleep, the SoundCurve packs a light, Bluetooth speaker, alarm clock, FM radio and USB charger all in one.

Of course, it’s one thing to do lots of things. It’s another to do them well. The SoundCurve actually does a reasonably good job at it’s assigned tasks. The 3W Bluetooth speaker won’t win any awards, but if you’re smartphone has a weak speaker it will pump up the volume. It’s a decent speaker but is better suited for rousing you from your slumber than it is at pumping crisp mids and rumbling bass. There’s an FM radio with support for 20 presets. DAB would have been nice, but at this price point it’s asking a little much.

My favourite feature was the two UCB charging ports atop the unit. I have a myriad of USB devices and being able to juice them the night before was extremely beneficial.

The SoundCurve also comes with a built-in light and I had originally presumed that it would have a wake up light function. Wake up lights are my favourite way to greet a morning. Sadly this is not the case, although it does have a useful dimmer function.

The SoundCurve does a decent job – it won’t blow you away, but it might just wake you up.

Out now for £45 from Groov-e