Who doesn’t love a spot of ethical gifting? SolarAid have produced a range of 4 nifty lamps that harness the power of the sun to charge . Not only is this environmentally friendly, the lamps are part of a charitable campaign to bring clean light and renewable energy to people in Kenya, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. All lights purchased include a £10 donation that will help SolarAid distribute three solar lights to families in rural off-grid Africa, allowing access to clean, safe solar lighting. Traditional kerosene lamps are not only environmentally unsound (according to SolarAid carbon emitted by Kerosene lamps contributes more to climate change than all CO2 released in the UK during a whole year) but also burn up to 20% of household income.

SolarAid hope to change all this and the 4 lamps range in price from £15 – £40 and can provide up to 36 hours of light. The £30 and £40 models both have USB mobile phone charging capabilities and all models are designed so that they can be used as a desk light, hung upside-down to brighten a room, or detached to become a simple hand held torch.

We tried the entry level D.Light S2, and even if it wasn’t tied to an incredibly good cause we’d still love it. For £15 you get a great little bedside lamp that lasts 4 hours on a single charge (and merely needs to be left on the window will to juice back up again). There’s a build in indicator that lets you know when the battery needs topping up and the power button is glow in the dark so it’s easy to find in an emergency. As you’d expect from a charity item, the build quality is fairly robust and the S2 is weather, dust and impact resistant. I tossed it around the room and treated it with a generally healthy level of disrespect and was pleased with the beating it could take. It made for a perfectly serviceable reading lamp, but can easily be repurposed with a mild degree of imagination.

For more information about the S2 or the SolarAid cause in general, head to SolarAid