Wanna keep your Mac “on lockdown”? Atama’s Sesame2 is a small Low Energy bluetooth keyfob that works as a proximity sensor for your Mac. Simply walk away and the screen will lock, automatically unlocking on your return. It’s one of those clever bits of technology that’s hard to review as it “just works”. If you like the description of what it does then you should stop reading and buy one already. Unconvinced? Read on.

The unit is a tiny key fob, powered by a coin-battery and all in only weighs 10 grams. With Sesame in your pocket, your computer will automatically lock when you walk away, preventing anyone from accessing your private information, e-mails, spreadsheets, Facebook account or patient records. You can define the radius using the supplied software – so if you’re making lots of trips to the kettle it wont’ constantly be locking and unlocking your computer.

If you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves a tiny bit you can get Sesame to play nice with Apple Script and mute the volume, pause Spotify and iTunes, set Skype and Messenger to ‘Away’, or other neat little tricks. There’s a growing list of scripts on the Sesame App and you can create your own personal actions to suit your needs and work-flow.

If you want to make things just that little bit more secure you can turn on two-Factor to only unlock when you enter your password and have the Sesame keyfob close by. A bit like having to turn both keys to get the nuclear submarine working. At least that’s what I was picturing as I was doing it.

My only quibble? The unit’s a tiny bit flimsy and the back cover of my broke after a couple of day’s usage. To be fair it was a pretty intense few days and the unit still works fine.

The Sesame 2 is out now for £40 from Atama.