The Addon T10 is one of the best looking BlueTooth speakers I’ve had the joy of touching. The Swedish speaker sounds as good as it looks, and it looks like Alexander Skarsgård. So I was delighted to find out that Addon had released a smaller version of the T9.

The Addon T9 has the same basic design as the T10, with a few comprises to justify the lower price tag. Put the units side by side and it seems like the T9 has been hitting the gym and has shed a couple of pounds. It’s maybe an inch smaller – I barely noticed the difference until I lined them up. The most obvious difference is the row of controls at the top of the unit. Instead of a remote control, volume and input controls are embedded at the top of the unit. The T10 has the best remote control I’ve ever handled so it’s a shame to miss out. But seeing as you can control all the important functions from your phone anyway you’re not really missing out.

Addon T9

The T9 packs a 50 Watt punch – a little down from the 80 Watts the T10 brings to the party, but unless you live in a mansion, you’re really not going to miss it. The bass bumps a little less aggressively than the T10, so it’s a bit more of a polite dinner party speaker than the thud of the T10, which commands attention. At the back there’s a Bass Level selector switch which allows you to increase or decrease the bass as required and like the T10 there’s also an out for an external subwoofer. Addon really know what they’re doing in terms of sound quality so you can pop on a high quality audio stream (and it’s at times like this you’re glad you sprung for a Tidal subscription) and see if D’Angelo has still got it (and yes he really has).

Like the T10, for a few dollars more you can get a version of the T9 with a very classy handle on top. This looks amazing and highlights the T9s biggest failing – it’s not very portable. With a hefty battery wedged inside it would be a pretty unbeatable speaker system.

The Addon T9 is a joy to behold and can be yours for a mere £249.00. Find out more from Audio Pro