I have a very deep, almost profound attachment to radio. I loved music and comedy as child, but didn’t own a TV or have money for cassettes so spent many hours scouring the airwaves. I was eager to get my hands on the new Oxford DAB+ radio from Goodmans.

I’ll start off with the obvious – you probably don’t need to buy this. Your smartphone/tablet/laptop probably has all the power of radio and more built in. It also has access to things like podcasts, Tidal and Spotify, which in a very real sense are the radio of the future. I know and use all these things and still loved using the Oxford. It’s an affordable luxury, that trades heavily on nostalgia, but is still great fun to use.

Modeled heavily on Tom Karen’s classic (dare I say iconic) 60s Bush Radio TR130, the Oxford has a leather carry handle, classic rotary tuning and volume controls and old fashioned push buttons. Of course it’s still a modern radio so backs DAB+ Digital and FM, a very clear sound and one touch station presets. There’s also a line-in around the back in case you want to plug in a smartphone for a little blast of the future.

I had to fiddle with the aerial a tiny bit to get a decent level of sound quality but it was rewarded with a very crisp and rewarding sound.

The Oxford works with mains or battery power, and looks perfect on a coffee table, mantlepiece or kitchen surface. As far as functional fashion accessories go, you can’t go far wrong for a mere £50. Out now from Goodmans