Lenco have produced one of the most daunting pieces of sound equipment I’ve played with in a while. Out the box the BT-125 speaker is huge – like a giant black cube, aiming to take control of your living room. It’s seriously large – like two VCR players stacked on top of each other and then padded out with a BluRay.

But it’s the insides that count. The bulk is home to 5 HiFi speakers and a built-in subwoofer. What may feel like overkill is actually key to the BT-125’s headline feature, “3D” sound. This is a slightly misleading (and profoundly annoying) name, but what it refers to is the BT-125’s ability to have an almost infinite sweet spot. While speakers often sound best when you plump yourself directly in the line of fire, the BT-125 does a really good job of distributing sound across the room. What’s also great is that it doesn’t need to be a centrepiece to do the job. As I may have mentioned several times already, this is a big unit and it may not necessarily fit in with whatever decor you have going on. However, it’s easy to tuck the BT-125 away into a corner and not lose any of the power of the unit.

However I wouldn’t call the effect “surround sound”. Whilst it’s definitely room filling and great for enhancing a movie or TV show, I can always tell where the sound is coming from and it’s not quite the same blanket of sound effect you’d get with a 5.1 setup.

Connectivity is via Bluetooth, and there’s simple one-touch NFC pairing as well. There is also a 3.5 mm aux input for everything else. For no real reason there’s a USB port at the back, which is handy for charging but not much else. I found myself leaving my phone on the surface of the BT-125 playing and charging so it wasn’t useless but didn’t feel like an essential addition.

As with all Bluetooth speakers, sound isn’t as pin sharp as you’d like (I’ve been spending a lot of time listing to TIDAL), but it’s definitely room filling, with a commanding (but not overpowering) bass rumble. This thing can definitely get loud, and in many ways its a great party speaker.

Out now for £199 from Lenco