Put your outdated high school tropes away. Nerds have won and have taken over the mainstream in a way that no-one could have foreseen. Nowhere is this more evident than HBO’s smash hit Game of Thrones, a glorified (in the nicest possible way) game of Dungeon’s and Dragons that has captured the imagination of the public. If you want to get up close and personal, Sky are holding a Game of Thrones Exhibition at the O2 on the 15-17 of February.

Open exclusively to Sky TV customers and their guests, the not-to-be-missed exhibition will focus on the fourth season of the series and feature new installations, showcasing a collection of nearly 70 original artefacts from pivotal scenes throughout the series, plus select pieces from the fifth season premiering in 2015.

We popped by and it was a cosplay fan’s dream, with a tonne of great costumes and props from the show, all in amazing up close detail. But it’s not just a chance to gaze upon an ice sword. Sky have done a really great job of making an interactive nerd paradise, with loads of chances to create fun content for your Facebook wall and dating profile. There are green-screens aplenty and chances for you to present to be ice-zombified, burnt by a dragon and more. You can pose with massive sword, sit in the iron throne and basically geek out to your heart’s content.

Our favourite by far was the Oculus Rift-powered virtual experience Ascend The Wall. Oculus Rift could well be the future of gaming, and you do genuinely get a sense that you’re ascending The Wall in a super cool immersive way. We won’t spoil it but you should definitely check it out.

And when you leave there’s a tonne of cool merch in the gift shop for you to run away with. Check out the HBO Site to see the range of goods on offer.