I say this maybe once a month if not more, but there’s a real magic to good sound. I’m biased because I grew up immersed in radio, but I love well recorded audio. It makes a web video, podcast or pretty much any piece of audio better. It’s why I love good headphones (currently in love with my Viso HP20s) and spend the time to really listen to a great new album – often streamed via Tidal. So I’m always keen to test devices that let you capture great audio. The iRig Mic Field promises to be one such device.

Popped into the Lightning port of your iPhone, IK Multimedia’s iRig Mic Field is a quick way of improving your mobile recording situation. Designed to cope with stereo audio for music, speech and video the iRig Mic Field is a handle little all rounder that tucks neatly into my little bag of video accessories (with my mini gorilla pod, olloclip lenses and other things). IK Multimedia have jammed the tiny little thing with a 24/bit A/D convertor and HD preamp so it’s more than just a toy.

iRig Mic Field iPhone

It does however feel a little bit on the plasticky side and is not as robust as I’d like – I had to treat it with care when porting it from A to B, which is no bad thing. You can switch the device between portrait and landscape fairly easily and there’s a cool gain control on the side of the device next to the headphone out – so you monitor and adjust levels on the fly.

The iRig just works, with no additional apps and it’s great to fire up GarageBand or Filmic Pro and just capture decent audio. There’s a free iRig recorder app that is useful if you’re capturing a lot of audio and want something with great notation and logging options. I tried recording with and without the iRig and the difference was subtle but clear. If you want to take your sound recording to the next level but can’t quite stump up for a Zoom H6, then the iRig Mic Field is a great halfway house.

Out now from [IK Multimedia](http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/irigmicfield/)