How much?

That’s the phrase that kept echoing through my head when I was testing the Creative SoundBlaster Jam. They’re not the best headphones I’ve ever tested (Oppo have ruined me for the fancy side of headphones). But they’re really, really great. Time after time I found myself reaching for them as I left the house and really digging how good they were, considering how little they cost.

The Jams are billed as being ultra-lightweight, and while you won’t quite forget that they’re there, they do have a low footprint. and seamlessly blended into my hair. For £40 Creative have crammed in a tonne of technology. And it doesn’t feel like they’ve skimped.

After having so many headphone cables die on me I’m ready to embrace the wireless world and the Jams made it easy. Pairing is easy and painless (and with NFC on Android phones so even easier if you’re that way inclined). If you have a PC you can also connect via a supplied USB cable. There’s a built in microphone so you can take calls via the headset. The inbuilt noise cancellation technology is good but not great – you can hold a conversation on a suburban street but it’s more of a challenge when cycling through busy traffic (as it probably should be). You can also toggle the volume, bass boost and pause playback. It’s all super handy, especially for my gloved fingers in the winter.

The neodymium drivers are decent and I was pleased with the sound quality – especially for £40. Sounds starts to pop a little if you crank it on full and have the bass boost on… so don’t do that.

Playback is about 12 hours and I managed to get a full day’s use every time without ever being caught short and left with my own thoughts. I loved how lightweight and out of the way they were – absolutely perfect for moving around then house, biking and general city life. I’ve switched to cable headphones as I’m flying to the Swedish improv festival tomorrow (I know right) and the tangle is already infuriating. If you want a taste of the future on a budget, the Jams are a great way to go.

Out now from Creative