The Vax Air Cordless finally reached an acceptable level of compromise with cordless cleaning. Finally you could get all the power you’d want from a regular vacuum cleaner without any tangle of cable clutter. Sure you need huge batteries to pull this off, but Vax made sure that they had a decent 25 minute run time and a spare, so that you could clean the average house without having to stop for anything.

So the Vax Air Lift is more of the same, just adding a few additional great touches to an already strong product.


The key difference between this and last year’s Air Cordless model is the “Lift Out” function, where you can pop a button and have a portable vacuum in your hands – perfect for stairs, ceilings and the general nook and cranny. The Vax Air Cordless was already a light device, but you especially feel the benefit when you pop it out and tackle a long staircase.

There are also slight tweaks to last years’s model, including tiny ancillary brushes on the side to help attack stray crumbs. A turbo button boosts the suction power for stubborn piles (although I’d be tempted to leave it on all the time). I loved the added front headlamp, partly because it just looks cool, but also on a practical level, because it was great for cleaning under things like tables and chairs.

Beyond that, all the great things we had to say about the Vax Cordless Air still apply to the Cordless Air Lift. It’s a superb, flexible unit that is more than powerful enough for the average house. If you’re in the market for a powerful yet extremely versatile cleaning device, the original Cordless is still part of the range. And if you need a little bit extra movement the new Cordless Air unit puts forward a compelling argument.

Out now for £350 from Vax