The widespread appeal of the iPhone means that you get a ridiculously broad range of accessories in the iOS ecosystem. Nowhere is this more evident in cases – which are a great way of keeping your stupidly expensive investment safe from hard, and personalising your phone that looks just like everyone else’s phone. We got sent a bunch of iPhone Six Plus cases and spent ages feeling out which ones felt just right.

### Portland Multistand case
This was a case within a case, featuring a softshell case, covered by a hard shell case. Why? Well the hardshell has a unique double hinge, doubling up as a stand so you can pop your phone into a portrait or landscape viewing angle. This worked much better than we expected, especially with the Six Plus being basically a mini-tablet. As a case the protection level was adequate – it’s an impact cover so was fine with absorbing shocks. Drops from standing on to carpet and tile felt safe, but we wouldn’t want to risk it on concrete at speed.
[Portland Multistand case](http://www.qdossound.com/cases/portland-iphone-6?id=596)

iPhone Six Plus Cases ULTRATHIN

### iPlate Ultrathin
These were super, super thin and felt almost like a sheath or next-to-skin. These were really easy to pop on and off and despite feeling like it almost wasn’t there, provided a degree of protection (although a notch above the bare minimum). Perfect it you don’t want to obfuscate the design of your Six Plus.
[iPlate Ultrathin](https://www.xqisit.com/index.php?productdetail=18101)

iPhone Six Plus Cases Wallet Case

### Saffiano Slim wallet case

The Saffiano black leather folio case is crafted from genuine leather if that matters to you and has a cut out on the front so you can make calls with the case closed. It also has a swanky fold in the inside front cover for little notes. Very plush.
[Saffiano black leather folio](http://www.qdossound.com/cases/saffiano-iphone-6-plus-folio?id=666)

*However our favourite case combined the best of both worlds*

iPhone Six Plus Cases EMAN

### EMAN Wallet Case
The EMAN has it all. The Synthetic leather exterior provides a ridiculous amount of padding for your phone. It’s like swaddling it in cloth. Inside are pockets for credit cards and bills. Coupled with Apple Pay it could well be all the wallet you need. There’s a little magnetic clasp to hold it all together and you can still access all the buttons for volume control etc. However the real magic of the EMAN was the magnetised polycarbonate iPlate. You can detach the EMAN for the bulk of the core body and just have a slim fit case for regular use. We loved it – and it’s perfect for switching between work and play.
[Xquisit EMAN Wallet Case](https://www.xqisit.com/index.php?productdetail=18080)

iPhone Six Plus Cases AQAUPAC

### AquaPac Waterproof case
We also had a look at Aquapac Waterproof case for the iPhone. A little transparent pocket for your phone, the Aquapacs are fully submersible up to 10 meters and let operate your phone – great for storms or if you want to dabble in underwater photography.