I’m a sucker for a good timelapse. I’ve watched Koyaanisqatsi so many times I can spell it. If you want in on the fun, Michron, an awesome little Kickstater made good, can bring intervalometer based fun to you your fingertips, without the hassle of math.

The tiny brick plugs into your SLR and then chats to your smartphone, allowing you to comfortably set up the shots you want to happen. Timelapse photography is often rewarding, but can be super finicky to get just right. Michron does a great job of making the whole process easy. From set up to execution, whilst not quite plug and play, it’s certainly the easiest I’ve found time-lapse photography to be.

Michron Timelapse lifestyle

The tiny plastic casing makes it easy to throw into your camera bag with all your other accessories. It doesn’t feel super robust, but they provide a little carrying case, which should keep it safe from harm. The design is pretty stark – with no switches, screens or buttons everything relies on you interfacing via your smartphone. Being so tiny, it easily fits on your camera’s hotshoe mount, without dangling or adding too much bulk. There’s an onboard battery, designed to last for 2,500 hours, which was more than adequate for my needs.

I mostly tried the standard timelapse options, but Michron had a few advanced tricks at the ready if you demand a bit more from your photoshoots. The unit can do Interval and Bulb Ramping – so you can change the time between shots or adjust the shutter to compensate for changes in light. You can also use the device as a remote trigger, completely eliminating camera shake, and there’s even HDR bracketing.

Want more? You should! Head to Michron now.