If you ever listened to Richard Herring’s That Was Then This Is Now Radio Two show (which later evolved into his As It Occurs To Me podcast) then you’ll know how much fun “on this day on history” can be. All sorts of fun and interesting facts pop up all year round – I’m writing this on Groundhog Day, which everyone on Twitter has, sans-irony decided to endlessly comment on.

If the idea of fun date-based trivia at your finger tips sounds like your bag then the On This Day Calendar from Red5.co.uk should be perfect for you.

The 100 x 39.5 cm calendar has an interesting fact for each day of the year, cleverly hidden behind heat sensitive coloured blocks. And of course, there is space to record the fun and excitement you have planned for the day as well.

The On This Day Calendar is available from RED5.co.uk for £15.95.