I’m trying to keep as much of my life in the cloud as possible and it’s working out pretty well. But every so often it’s good to have a physical copy of your data, and with storage sizes increasing it’s easy to jam everything you need into tinier and tinier spaces.

Toshiba TransMemory USB 3.0 Flash Drive (64GB) cramms high speeds into a tiny package. If you need a quite place to dump a backup or transfer large files, this is the key for you. It’s maybe not for regular constant usage but for large one offs it works out pretty well.

In terms of design there’s nothing particularly special happening – after all it’s a USB key, something which already feels part of a bygone era. There’s a little gap at the back for a lanyard which is handy. Less handy is the removable dust cap, which feels like it could very easily get lost – much like every flash drive cap I’ve ever had. Maybe you’re a little more careful with your peripherals than I am.

The drive is free of bumpf – just storage space, which I find useful as I’ve never used any preinstalled utilities.

According to us TransMemory USB 3.0 Drive’s write speeds were 6.2 MBps and read speeds at 73.9 MBps when connected via USB 3.0 – solid but not stellar. We’ve used slightly faster drives – but when you factor in the price, the Transmemory accounts well for itself. Not a champion flash drive but better than average.

Out now from Toshiba for a mere £29.