Spigen sent us some of their new iPhone 6 cases to keep our giant iPhone 6 Plus safe.

Tough Armor Series – from £24.99 (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus)

This was the most aggresively dedicated to the task in hand. Featuring air cushioned technology corners and a spider web pattern TPU the impact absorption on the Tough Armour was decent. For the level of protection offered it was surprisingly slim, and like all the Spigen cases we used, had a dual layer of protection, with a soft shell and then a hard cover for the back.

Slim Armor Series – from £19.99 (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus)

The Slim Armor is slightly misleadingly named as I found the protective bezel chubbed out my Six Plus significantly. The case offers a reasonably amount of protection for the added bulk, but when your phone already starts large, it does start to become an issue. On the plus side it comes with a little kickstand so you can prop your iPhone up in landscape. The kickstand is a tad flimsy, fine for a desk but with minor wobbles on a bumpy train ride, and doesn’t do portrait.

Neo Hybrid Series – from £24.99 (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus)

The Neo Hybrid is the slimmed of the bunch, but still offers shock absorption and polycarbonate scratch protection. It’s also the most fashionable and has a special frame with metal look control buttons. The texture on the back of the case feels simply amazing and it’s every so slightly lighter than the Slim Armour. An obvious downside is that it’s a little less robust and I wasn’t as cavalier about tossing my Six Plus around when it was in the Neo Hybrid. But it looked amazing.

For details on all these cases and more, head to The Carphone Warehouse