Every year I travel into the heart of the city to watch diehard Apple fans queue for silly amounts of time to be awarded with a brand new iteration of a device they own. It makes no sense to people outside, but as someone who has waited 5 hours in the hot New York sun just to see improv in a basement, I get it. It’s fun, there’s a sense of community in doing something ridiculous together. And at the end you walk away, with what to you at least, is probably the best phone on the market and a round of applause. Although the Samsung street team handing out flyers for the newest Galaxy would probably disagree.

Every year I also sidle over to the Griffin Breakfast, where tech journalists are lured into a comfortable enclave of wifi and coffee to write missives such as this. Griffin are very on the ball when it comes to iPhone accessories, and each year are prepared with a range of cases, cables and other additions to your iLifestyle.

griffin identity

The Survivor range has always been an excellent way to guard your phone from your tumultuous existence. The early generations of the case felt life cladding your beautiful device in a cage, but they’ve massively improved the look and feel without compromising on protection. The Summit is aimed at ultra-rugged types and feels designed to rest against a chiseled jaw. The Journey is slightly less buff, but is much thinner and is a much better mix of safety and style for day to day life (unless you work in a warzone, in which case get the Summit). The Identity are the slimmest of the bunch, but is incredible versatile. You can change the back to match your mood, and there’s protective front cover to protect the screen. There’s also an inner pocket for cards, so if you’re bold you could do away with wallets altogether. Griffin promised to send me one so I’ll do a little review when my iPhone 6S Plus arrives (a few paydays from now).

For more on the Griffin range, head to their website