Because I’ve been having a mid-life crisis for at least the past 10 years I own a stupidly big flatscreen TV. However, I’ve literally not switched it on since Epson sent me a EH-TW5210. A tiny Full HD project it’s an amazing use of £500. Please give me £500.

The dinky unit creates an image of up to 300 inches and I totally filled a bedroom wall with a screen. There are two HDMI ports around the back, as well as more old fashioned VGA/RCA inputs if you want to have an immersive DOS or VHS experience. The EH-TW5210 also has 3D but that’s of no use to anyone. Active shutter glasses were not included so I was spared the headache of testing that.

The picture quality is remarkable and you really get lost in the cinematic experience. I saw all six episodes of David Simon’s masterpiece Show Me a Hero – I saw other films as well but I really want people to watch Show Me a Hero. It’s like Season 7 of the Wire.

The 2200m lumen output works in daylight, but for best results you will want to darken the room a little. My favourite feature by far is the Horizontal and vertical keystone correction, that lets you skew the image without having to have the projector dead on. This was super useful in my awkward shaped room and enabled a great projection experience, even with limited space.

The inbuilt 5W speaker is tinny but only ever used in emergencies. The projector was a wee bit noisy but not to the point of distraction – I only noticed when it was on standby.

There are way more expensive projectors. But the bang/buck ratio is off the charts!

The EH-TW5210 is out now from Epson and highly recommended