I’ve lost so many pairs of headphones it’s truly upsetting. Some I’ve physically misplaced. Others have, through wanton tangling, totally given up the ghost in one ear. So I was delighted to try the Wraps Talk – pair of wristband headphones.

What does that mean? The cord of the wraps is carefully designed to curl around your wrist, with the jack connected carefully tucked away. It sounds simple (and it’s is) but it’s such great idea that I wish more manufacturers would use the design.

The design also has to work on a fashion level – after all this really is wearable technology. The corded braid is cute without being obnoxious and for the most part, people didn’t even notice I was wearing headphones, rather than just a cool wristband.

The sound quality is merely fine. They’re better than bundled iPhone headphones, and pass muster for casual podcast listening, about town tasks and even a light jog. They’re not for hardcore audiophiles but if you want an ‘on the go’ pair of headphones that you don’t want to lose, they’re highly recommended.

Wraps Talk are available in a range of colours from My Wraps with prices starting at £19.99