There’s a new dating app on the market! Key features include deciding who pays for the first date beforehand, matching profiles by the activity you wish to take up on the date and the fact that it doesn’t use mobile tracking technology, protecting your location.

The app still doesn’t have many users and has a few glitches, which I attribute to its young life, but which make it difficult to really test its potential. As other apps on the market, it doesn’t let you add a lot of information about you, except for your picture, making it appearance based. Also, most people tend to pick every option available for the 1st date activity, making their matching criteria slightly void.

The fact that you can decide everything about the date beforehand is a nice feature, especially if you have trouble making decisions and scheduling things. A new feature where you can organise the entire date via the app – from organising your hairdresser and spray tan appointment to booking a table at the restaurant or cinema tickets – will be available from next week.

Ciao is free to download from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).