We love good sound so were thrilled to be invited down to play with the new Aerix all in one hifi.

It’s a cool looking beast – with two futuristic looking black cubes offset on a tray. It also sports a pretty cool dot LED display can function as a pretty swish retro clock. Aerix had studiously avoided crazy looking shapes, for a sleek an unobtrusive look that was aiming for “timelessness”. After all, it’s a £1500 speaker system, so you’d have to assume you’d have it for a while.


However, despite appealing to all ages, the team had made the curious decision to include a CD player. “We feel there is still a need for CDs”. I disagree, but fortunately there’s ample wireless connectivity built in to the unit – with robust Bluetooth and Airplay options and support for Spotify, Tidal and other streaming platforms via the DTS PlayFi App. There’s only one cable at the back so it’s very streamlined

We had a quick listen to the Aerix and they sounded fantastic – they really managed to produce nice, clean 360 degree sound dispersion, so you could wander the room and continually be hitting sweet spots. You can listen to natural, unprocessed sound or hit Relaxed or Hyper presents – depending on your mood.