Siemens wants to show us the future and invited us to see it this week.
Washing and drying machines, with touch screen technology, that help you manage your time while also being more ecological. Technology which instinctively how much detergent, water and energy are needed help that be achieved. Features as self washable detergent drawers and drum appealed to me as a user. The pre-set programmes offer some novelty and seem to all be well thought of from a user needs perspective.


Wi-Fi enabled technology was another one of the future facing offers on display. Microwave over, oven and coffee machine integrated with an app on your tablet which allows you to set up the appliances from anywhere. A handy feature for the coffee machine is the possibility of creating a request list for coffees, which can be associated with names, making dinner parties (if you’re one to throw them) an easier endeavour when it comes to coffee time.


The evening was topped by a talk with futurologist Dr. Morgaine Gaye who had some interesting insights about future trends. Diminishing consumption of alcohol and sugar; water as a luxury product; the importance of silence, even when it comes to design, branding and packaging; and eatable or compostable packaging all seem to be things we can look forward to. The future is also a paradoxical combination of product development directed to the individual as well as a place where social interaction and community will have a much bigger importance.
You can decide whether the future seems like a good place to be.