We got to go to Doc’n Roll Film Festival to watch The Parkinsons: A Long Way to Nowhere and it was really enjoyable.
As far as music documentaries go, this is a good example. It was directed by a fan of the band, Caroline Richards, who filmed them in some of their gigs both on stage and backstage. She had lots of footage, which was well edited to tell the story of this slightly obscure band, in an informative yet entertaining way. You’ll definitely enjoy it if you are a fan.
The documentary spoke to me personally, as someone who lived in the Portuguese city where most members of the band come from and also moved to London to try a new life.
It finished with a very entertaining Q&A with the director and members of the band, who were playing a gig at the afterparty which, sadly, we weren’t able to attend.
Doc’n Roll Film Festival is definitely one to keep under eye. Until next year.

Doc’n Roll Festival